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On the set of Effectively Schizo (2019). L to R: Patrick Mellin (Producer), Rob, Bartlett Lentini (DP), Matt Nash (AD)

AD Chris Miller assists with lighting on the set of "Shimmer" (2020).

At the Garden State Film Festival premiere of "Blackout". L to R: Rob Ciano, Pablo Sandstrom, Stanton Hunter, Jaime Chaifetz

Call sheet for the music video shoot of "Ghosts/Girl In All My Songs" by The Foes of Fern.

Team Shimmer! L to R: Rob Ciano (writer/director), Kazy Tauginas (Kurt Blas), Nichole Galicia (Dr. Thea Kait), Jacques Mitchell (Adam Kait)

On the set of "Shimmer" (2020), Nichole Galicia and Kazy Tauginas connect (L), while Jon Mercer and Wes Ranson capture image and sound.

On the set of Shimmer (2020). DP Jon Mercer frames up a shot of Captain Peter Rose, played by Brian Anthony Wilson.

A tableau on the set of Shimmer.

DP Jon Mercer frames up a tight shot on the set of Shimmer (2020).

A pile of gear on the Shimmer set.

Slate for "Shimmer"

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