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I am a producer, director, and writer with experience working on feature-length and short films in both narrative and documentary style. I am also a skilled editor, utilizing Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro as well as Adobe After Effects for motion graphics and visual effects.
As a producer, I have experience sourcing scripts, gathering crew, production scheduling, budgeting, line producing, and casting. As a director, I have worked with a variety of actors in multiple genres, both on camera and on stage. I have also edited a number of short and feature length films.
In addition to my experience as a producer and director, I also work as a screenwriter and story consultant/script doctor. With the ability to see clearly the intention of the director and the perspective of the audience, I am able to effectively translate the storyteller’s message.
In my own films, my goal is to find ways to tell stories that highlight positive values. Honesty, integrity, helpfulness, loyalty, compassion, humility, fairness, respectfulness, courageousness, equality, and a loving nature will be tested, and challenged, and our characters must decide if they will make decisions from a place of positivity (leading them toward success), or from a place of negativity (leading them toward destruction).
I'm looking to work with creative people who want to tell interesting stories. Are you one of them?

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Jeff and Daley meet and start to fall in love at the same time as outside forces threaten to drive them apart. 

Written and Directed by Rob Ciano

Produced by Rob Ciano

Director of Photography - Bartlett Lentini

Starring Phillip Andre Botello (The Art of Self Defense),

Brian Anthony Wilson (The Wire), Ava Serene Portman


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Dr. Thea Kait must find out who - or what - is responsible for a series of mysterious deaths in the small town of Seneca. Are you afraid of the light? 

Written and Directed by Rob Ciano

Produced by Rob Ciano, Freya Saxon, Stanton Hunter

Director of Photography - Jon Mercer

Starring Nichole Galicia (Django Unchained), Brian Anthony Wilson (The Wire), Kazy Tauginas (Equalizer 2)

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How long have YOU been a Harry Potter fan? Shot in 2011 and centered around the largest Harry Potter conference of the time, 'Real For Us' talks to the fans who grew up with the series, learns how it shaped their lives, and explores just what is so magical about the story of the Boy Who Lived.

Directed by Rob Ciano

Story by Rob Ciano and Brent Clark

Produced by Rob Ciano and Brent Clark

Coming soon to TubiTV, UDU Digital, and other platforms

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The Earth is about to lose the Sun, and there's only 8 minutes and 20 seconds of sunlight left. Two strangers meet, and discuss their lives, regrets, and worries about life in the dark.

Written by Rob Ciano

Story by Stanton Hunter

Produced and Directed by Rob Ciano and Stanton Hunter

Director of Photography - Jon Mercer

Starring Roland Lane (King Ester) and Pablo Sandstrom (Room 16)

Also available on Showtime OnDemand, Google Video, and other platforms

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Other Experience

Director/Producer - Webseries Pilot "Effectively Schizo"

Red Bank, NJ - May 2019 - July 2019

  • Worked with Production Team in sourcing cast, crew, and locations

  • Assisted with budget breakdown and securing funding

  • Directed actors on set


Writer/Director/Editor - Music video “Ghosts” by The Foes of Fern

Asbury Park, NJ - January 2019 - August 2019

  • Developed music video concept, created storyboards

  • On-set direction and coordination of VFX shots, first & final edits, VFX editing

Editor - Jersey Filmmaker (freelance)

Jersey City, NJ - July 2010 - August 2019​

  • Edited 3 episodes of 10-part Docu-Series “OCFS 100 Years”

  • Episodes were streamed on, with over 1 million views


Assistant Director - Pilot episode “The Cafone”

Edison, NJ - February 2019 - March 2019​

  • Supported the director during pre-production and production

  • Created call sheets, organized and submitted SAG documents


Production Coordinator - Two River Pictures, LLC.

Atlantic Highlands, NJ - October 2018 - February 2019​

  • Coordinated on-location video production, including call sheets and travel arrangements

  • Supported on-location production

  • Edited corporate video content and directed B-roll shooting


Pre-Production and Production:
Production Coordinator
Location Scouting
Story Analyst
Story Doctor
Story Consultant

Post Production:
Post Production Supervisor
Adobe Premiere Editing
Final Cut Pro Editing
Change color of object
Day-For-Night (with sky replacement)
Chroma Keying
Background replacement
Add scene elements (setting, objects, etc.)
Motion Tracking
Visual Effects/Image Manipulation



"When Rob Ciano approached me and asked me to help produce his first feature film, Shimmer, I did so because I found the script to be fascinating and I believed that he would make Shimmer come to life and produce a great film. I spent a great deal of time on the Shimmer set and was captivated by the team Rob built, the leadership he exuded, his work ethic, and his ability to get the most out of his team in a positive professional manner."

Raymond Fantuzzi, Executive Producer


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